Patient Stories

Coping with arthritis and other rheumatological diseases

Coping or living with pain, fatigue, and other arthritis problems can be difficult for many patients. All patients need to understand and accept the disease as a companion. One must take the help of a rheumatologist to know more about the disease. Various aspects such as causes, aggravating factors, possible complications of the disease, treatment plans, expenses, and potential adverse effects of the drugs must be clearly understood. There is no harm in complementing modern management with alternative therapies (e.g., Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Acupuncture, and others). However, there is hardly any scientific evidence to prove that they can cure these diseases. It is always better to avoid discussions on these diseases with relatives and friends as most people do not have scientific knowledge about them. Discussing and talking with other people having arthritis can imbibe confidence and help find new ways of living with the disease. Support from family and friends is vital in coping with such diseases. A counselor can also be of great help during difficult times. Some patients may even require psychological assessment and cognitive behavioral therapy for better management of the situation. Exercise, Yoga, music, and other hobbies do help in coping with the disease.

Most patients can almost totally recover with modern management. However, every such patient must help other patients by sharing their experiences and bringing the ray of hope to a miserable life.

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