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Lupus Clinic,
1078, Shukrawar Peth, Tilak Road, Hirabag,
Pune 411002

Our Team

Mrs. Sunita Gorle
सुनीता गोर्ले
Rheumatology Nurse
Mrs. Dr. Jayashree Salunkhe
जयश्री साळुंखेे
Rheumatology Associate
Mrs. Ashwini Thakar
अश्विनी ठाकर
Dr. Shrikant Wagh
श्रीकान्त वाघ
Mrs. Dr. Usha Doorkar
उषा दूरकर
Rheumatology Associate
Mrs. Poorva Joshi-Gokhale
पूर्वा जोशी – गोखले

Electronic Patient Data Management


For those coming from Swargate -
Go to Sarasbag, take a right turn to reach Abhinav College (Sanas statue), and turn right again to reach Hirabag
Lupus Clinic


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is an important and difficult to manage complex multisystem rhematological condition. Lupus (pronounced as loo-puh s) is a Latin word for wolf. Wolf is a fearsome greedy animal with voracious appetite. SLE keeps on destroying human organ systems in the same cunning way as a wolf does with jungle animals. Treating SLE cases needs knowledge and experience in various medical specialities and is always a challenging task for a rheumatologist. SLE is frequently compared with Hydra - a poisonous sea beast in Greek mythology. It had nine heads that would reappear even if cut. It appears similar to Rawana from Ramayana. Rheumatological diseases need to be eliminated by Rama-ban (Arrow of Rama) from a rheumatologist.
Arthritis- Incidence and Measures (Abridged)
संधिवाताचा हत्ती
Why Rheumatology?
ह्रुमॅटॅालॅाजी कशासाठी?
Arthritis – Introduction
संधिवाताची ओळख
झिजेचा संधिवात
Rheumatoid Arthritis
आमवाताची सूज
गाउट - विंचू चावला हो
Chikungunya Arthritis
Back pain
पाठ दुखी
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