Mr. Saiprasad Kulkarni (Melbourne)

From Australia


Saiprasad-KulkarniI am an Australian Citizen and I am happy putting down my experience on paper about "Coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis" for the past 4 years since it has been diagnosed at the LUPUS CLINIC, Pune by Dr. Shrikant Wagh.
I have no hesitation in recommending the effective treatment that has changed my life style.
I have been suffering Rheumatoid Arthritis (Rheumatoid Factor Positive) for the last 7 years. I am now nearing my Senior Citizen's age. As a student of science, I often complained of gastric indigestion which was eventually diagnosed as "Hyper motility of the Intestines. Few years later, I suffered with severe joint pains and was effectively treated for "Gouty Arthritis” by a doctor in Mumbai. I migrated to Melbourne, Australia in the year1998 and later in the 2002, I noticed that my mobility was again getting restricted, harder and had a feeling of exhaustion. My day-to-day activities were becoming difficult and painful. Doctors in Australia put me on strong anti-inflammatory pain killers and suggested it is because of the quick climate changes that happen 3 times a day in Melbourne. During my holiday stay in India I consulted Dr V.R. Joshi in Mumbai, who referred me to Dr. Wagh, in Pune. On complete investigation like blood tests I was prescribed therapy which I applaud. I was advised to start with a minimal dose of methotrexate drug (7.5mg) and sulfasalazine (500mg) per week for 3 months monitoring closely the blood count with adequate folic acid intake. Gastric indigestion did occur during earlier phase of treatment, but these symptoms decreased over a period of time; inflammation and pain subsided. I am not a medical professional but my experience says that gastric problems, if neglected, may be linked with RA. Today, I am on methotrexate (7.5mgper week) +5mg Folic acid (daily) + sulfasalazine (500mg twice a day). Today I feel fit and agile and back in Australia working

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