Dr. Shrikant Wagh
Dr. Shrikant Yeshwant Wagh
Registered with Maharashtra Medical Council and Maharashtra Council of Indian Medicine.
M.B.B.S. (Mumbai), M.D. (Medicine)
M.Sc. – Rheumatology (S Wales, UK)
B.A.M. & S. (Pune). M.A.Sc.(Chikitsa)
M.A. (Sanskrit: Literature) – Gold Medalist (Tilak Maharashtra University)
M.A. (Music) – Bharati University, Sangeet Alankar
Tejas Apartments, 1078, Shukrawar Peth,
Opp. State Bank of India,
Hirabag, Tilak Road, Pune, INDIA 411002.
6+ years of training in Rheumatology at G.S. Medical College (Mumbai), EULAR School of Rheumatology (Switzerland), and University of South Wales (UK). Also attended various workshops and conferences.
Worked as rheumatologist at five corporate hospitals, one teaching institute, and a clinical research center for over 10 years.Private rheumatology practice since 2006. Practiced as a physician for 23 years before setting up exclusive rheumatology clinic.
Principle investigator for various clinical studies of rheumatic conditions conducted at JCDC, Pune.
Editor of a book for primary care physicians
Academic director for an online rheumatology training program
Papers and chapters in journals and books for doctors as well as general public
Lectures for professionals as well as general public
Marathi books for public awareness
Postgraduate in Ayurveda
Received national and international awards and honors
Over 20 years of teaching experience, undergraduate and postgraduate
Clinical and administrative services at various institutions
Published 18 scientific articles in various journals and books
Proficiency in Yoga, Sanskrit language, and Music (Indian Classical and light)
Significant contribution to public awareness and education through public speeches and interviews on radio, television, and other media
Wrote articles in press and published books
Life member of fourteen organizations working in the fields of Rheumatology, Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, and Music.
Arthritis- Incidence and Measures (Abridged)
संधिवाताचा हत्ती
Why Rheumatology?
ह्रुमॅटॅालॅाजी कशासाठी?
Arthritis – Introduction
संधिवाताची ओळख
झिजेचा संधिवात
Rheumatoid Arthritis
आमवाताची सूज
गाउट - विंचू चावला हो
Chikungunya Arthritis
Back pain
पाठ दुखी
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