Ankle and Foot Exercise

Ankle is an important joint that transmits body weight to the foot. Many joints between 7 ankle bones (including heel bone), 5 midfoot bones and many finger bones make a complex structure of our ankle and foot. Ligaments and muscles related to these joints help in even distribution of body weight. Two arches of foot (longitudinal and horizontal) are also essential for proper weight transmission. Excess strain, injuries, obesity and hereditary factors weaken arches of foot and lead to flat foot. Aging is accompanied with degeneration at ankle and foot joints. Obesity and occupational or sports overload (walking, jogging, running) strains ligaments, muscles and joints. High heel and ill-fitting footwear leads to improper load transmission at foot and causes ankle and foot pain.

Ankle and Foot Exercise

See general instructions about exercise

1. Sit on chair or bed. Relax your legs and stretch your feet up and down at ankle joint. Ankle and Foot Exercise 1
2. Rotate your ankles clockwise and anti-clockwise while sitting on a chair. Ankle and Foot Exercise 2
3. Sit on a chair and raise your heels while holding your toes on ground. Ankle and Foot Exercise 3
4. Keep your feet on the ground and press heels firmly. Raise your big toe upwards while keeping your little toe firmly on ground. Return back to original position and raise your little toe up while keeping big toe firmly on ground Ankle and Foot Exercise 4
5. Tie rubber-band around your toes. Stretch your toes for exercise of small muscles of feet. Ankle and Foot Exercise 5
6. Sit on chair with a towel (or newspaper) on the floor in front of you. Hold the towel with your toes and curl it upwards. Relax and repeat. You can try holding and lifting a pencil from ground with your toes for similar benefits. Ankle and Foot Exercise 6
7. Sit on a chair and rest your arch of foot on a soft ball. Roll the ball in various directions – left, right, forwards and backwards and rotate it as well. Ankle and Foot Exercise 7
8. Walking on sand, heel-walk, walking on toes and skipping strengthens muscles of ankle and feet. Ankle and Foot Exercise 8

Strengthening Exercises

A. Lie flat on your back. Make a loop of thera band (or a rubber band) around your feet. Stretch both feet away from each other. Ankle and Foot Exercise 9 A
B. Lie on your back. Bend hip and knee at 900 as shown in the picture. Hold a rubber band around your feet. Hold ends of rubber band with your hands and straighten your leg to stretch the rubber band. Ankle and Foot Exercise 9 B
C. Press one end of rubber band under your one foot and loop other end around ankle of other leg. Bend the other leg and lift it up to stretch the rubber band. This will increase strength of muscles on the back of your ankle. Ankle and Foot Exercise 9 C
D. Tie rubber band around leg of a table and your ankle. Stretch your knee upto 900 as shown in the picture. Ankle and Foot Exercise 9 D