Diet and do-don'ts (pathya - suitable versus harmful diet and lifestyle) have gained importance in our country since the period of Ramayan and Mahabharat. Food keeps alive our journey of life hence it is not unnatural for people to think that there is a relation between diet and disease.
Various appliances are used for proper joint function in cases of malfunctioning or painful joints.
A vaccine produces immunity against a particular disease by stimulating immune system. It prevents or reduces the severity of future infections by a particular organism. Vaccines are of various types. They usually contain the microorganism (bacterium or virus – killed or attenuated) or its toxic products.
Pain and arthritis are inseparable. Proper treatment of arthritis under expert care controls disease and reduces pain.  Pain is an individual experience.
Founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (Germany) in 1790s homeopathy has significant presence in India. Arthritis stands 9th amongst 10 most common conditions treated by homeopaths.

Homeopathy believes that disease is intimately associated with life of an individual and is a result of internal concealed causes.
Music Therapy aims at bringing positive changes in behavior and well being. It is based on the assumption that human beings have an inborn ability to appreciate and respond to music. Music has been an integral part of Indian culture dating from Samveda. Ayurveda, too, has described treatment with songs and musical instruments in certain disease conditions.
Management of chronic diseases demands informed and active participation of patient. An intelligent and educated patient with some faith in a selected medical specialist is usually better placed for good therapeutic outcome. An intelligent patient can easily analyze own symptoms and express them to doctor.
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