Asanas In Standing Position

Standing erect is known as Danda-Sthiti. Stand with a straight neck, back, and low back. Place both hands straight with palms touching your thighs. Heels and great toes should touch each other. Look straight ahead and keep on breathing normally.

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Poses in Standing Position 1
Stand erect with feet touching each other and hands near thighs. Inhale, raise your arms slowly up above your head, and stretch your hands upwards. Your arms will now touch your ears. Next, lift your heels standing on your toes and stretch your entire body upwards. Look ahead with a steady gaze and hold on breathing normally (mountain pose). While exhaling, get your heels down to the floor and bring your hands to their original position.
Poses in Standing Position 2
Stand erect. While inhaling, raise your right hand above your head till your arm touches the ear. The right palm should face leftwards. Bend slowly to your left, slide your left palm down as far as possible along the left leg. Exhale as you bend. Do not bend your right elbow. Maintain this position for some time while breathing normally. Straighten up slowly and bring down right hand. Repeat the asana on your left side.
Poses in Standing Position 3
Stand erect with some distance between your legs. Support yourself by keeping palms on the lower back with fingers pointing forward. While inhaling, bend backward at the lumbar region. Bend back your neck and let your head hang free. Hold on for some time, breathing normally in this half-wheel position. Inhale and come up while supporting your back with your hands. Bring legs together and return to the original position.
Poses in Standing Position 4
Stand erect with feet a little apart. Inhale and take both your hands above your head and hold them straight up. While exhaling, bend forwards at your waist and try to place palms flat on the ground. Try to touch knees with your head by pulling abdominal muscles in. Do not bend knees. Hold on breathing normally for some time and return slowly to the original position.
Poses in Standing Position 5
Place your right foot towards your right as far away as you can. Raise both hands away from your body and hold them parallel to the ground. While inhaling, bend from your waist to your right till your right fingers reach the right ankle. Stretch your left hand upwards, turn your neck and look up to your left fingers. Hold on for some time, breathing normally, and return to the original position in reverse order. Relax for a while and repeat the asana on the left side.
Poses in Standing Position 6
Stand with both feet together. Move your left leg to your left and place your feet as far away as possible. Turn your left foot by 90 degrees and rotate your body to the left. Support yourself with a firmly placed right foot. Hold both hands in namaskara position (one palm over the other with outstretched fingers) and raise them. Bend your left knee at 90 degrees, placing it over your left foot while maintaining your right leg straight. Bend backward to take back your hands to make an arch comprising hands, neck, back, and right leg. Look upwards and hold on for some time, breathing normally. Return to the original position in reverse order. Relax for a while and repeat the asana on the other side.
Poses in Standing Position 7
Stand erect and spread legs as far away as you can. While exhaling, bend from your waist and try to reach and hold both ankles with respective hands. Try to lean further to touch your head on the floor. Hold on for some time, breathing normally. While exhaling, straighten your back slowly and bring your legs together to stand erect. Follow up the asana with ardhachakrasana to reduce back-strain.
Poses in Standing Position 8
Bend your right knee and place your right foot on the inner side of the left thigh near the groin by firmly pressing your right heel. You may take support of a nearby wall or chair to maintain balance. Raise both hands straight above your head without bending at elbows and stretch them up. Hold on for some time, breathing normally. While exhaling, return gently to the original standing position. Repeat the asana with the other leg.
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