Systemic Diseases

Inflammatory arthritis can occur in various diseases where many other organ systems such as kidneys and lungs are also involved. These diseases are also known as inflammatory connective tissue diseases (CTD). Diagnosis and management of these diseases require expert rheumatology services. The onset of these conditions is usually insidious with generalized symptoms such as fever, fatigue, weakness, joint pains, weight loss, skin rashes, headache, hair loss, eye pain, ulcers in the mouth, and others. The diagnosis is usually clinical and needs a few specialized blood tests. Other tests are performed to find out the involvement of organ systems and monitor disease progression and adverse effects of drugs. The disease may evolve over a while or may not evolve at all, and it may be impossible to label the disease in early stages (Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease).

Arthritis- Incidence and Measures (Abridged)
संधिवाताचा हत्ती
Why Rheumatology?
ह्रुमॅटॅालॅाजी कशासाठी?
Arthritis – Introduction
संधिवाताची ओळख
झिजेचा संधिवात
Rheumatoid Arthritis
आमवाताची सूज
गाउट - विंचू चावला हो
Chikungunya Arthritis
Back pain
पाठ दुखी
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