Aarti (Pune)

Lupus A life time struggle

AartiMy journey with Lupus began from March 2006, when I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis.
It had been a long and a tough journey because we were initially unaware of the symptoms till my lupus was diagnosed. Lupus or S.L.E was a totally unknown term for us, but now it is a part of my life and to keep it under control is the aim.

March 2006 - Condition was very critical almost had a kidney failure. There was a possibility of going in for dialysis. Fortunately we met the right doctors (Dr.S.N.Ukidve and Dr.Shrikant Wagh) and were given right treatment. With the detection of lupus me and my family were left in a daze. I was hospitalized for 18 days and was discharged after various investigations and treatment. Initially I was on high dose of steroids and chemotherapy made me very weak. I didn't know what was happening to me. The definition of happiness changed for my family whose entire attention revolved around my treatment. Every little progress in the blood report was celebrated.
We, being middle class family, had to face financial problems. Our problems used to get solved in line with an old saying where there is a will there is a way .My family took care of me like a delicate flower .It was my parent's age of relaxing and enjoying life and we children should be taking care of them. But this opposite situation made me depressed. The grievance of dependency and being ill really depressed me at times. Those were really stressful days and the period was a nightmare for me and for my family. I appreciate the patience of my family, especially of my mother, whom I used to trouble every day with my annoyance and lots of complaints. My nephews and niece played with me and tried to entertain and keep me busy so that I could forget my illness.

August 2006 - Days were still the same, condition was improving, but the depression made me feel low. Basic Course of Art of Living was suggested to me by one of my brothers. It really helped me .The daily practice of "kriya" helped me start the day on a nice note.

October 2006 - This Diwali was not the usual one. I had put on lot of weight by now due to steroids. I did practice kriya regularly and joined aerobics to maintain my weight on the advice of Dr. Shrikant Wagh. But I could hardly exercise due to my weakness. However I used to go for a walk everyday. My mother told me that everything is going to be fine and I believed her, I knew everything was going to be fine. Once during an icecream treat with one of my dear friends, I ate lots and lots of icecream without realizing what it is going to cost me. I had convulsions within few minutes, I was then rushed to the hospital, and it was unbelievable for everybody that my sugar level had reached the count of 1100.I was almost into a coma. But within few hours of struggle and efforts of my doctors I came out of this trauma. A person cannot sustain or even survive this high sugar level of 1100, but I did...
I believe it was my Family's prayer, my wish to live and my Guruji’s blessing of Sudarshan kriya that helped me sustain and survive. I was then diagnosed with Diabetes and was under Dr.Magdum's treatment. One more problem was added to my original problems.

November 2006 - My brother was about to get married, but everyone was shocked and sad due to the episode of my blood sugar. It was my turn now to motivate everybody and make them happy. Things did disturb and depressed me but I came over them .At times it was my family who motivated me. The marriage was wonderful celebration in the house. We welcomed the new member in my family.
My sisterinlaw very soon became a good friend. I developed mouth ulcers after a few days. They were terrible; I could not even eat anything and this made me more and more depressed. I also suffered from jaundice later on, wherein I could not eat anything and just vomited. But then I came out of it as well. There was no end to my problems.

September 2007 - Dr Shrikant Wagh was after me to do some job and I did manage to get one. Fortunately the job was very near to my house so that my parents too were not worried. The office was at a walking distance of just 5 minutes. With so many people around, I could hardly remember the lupus within me. My doctor told me to live in the present instead of worrying about tomorrow, and about the lupus flare that might come. I trusted him that he is always there to pull me out of the illness. I accepted the new challenges and moved on.

Soon my best friend proposed me. He knew everything about me and my lupus. Both of us liked each other. However, I tried to convince him that he should marry a healthy girl, as my health will always have ups and down. But, he was firm on his decision of marrying me. His family was unaware of my disease. He requested my parents not to tell the every detail of my illness to his family. He also met Wagh Sir, for the queries he had regarding lupus. They were answered satisfactorily. So after Wagh Sir's approval and our family's consent; we tied the knot in November 2008. Marriage is bliss. There are responsibilities that have increased. There are happy healthy days and there are sad unhealthy days. But with the support of my husband, my parents, my brother and the rest of my family, the sad days seem to be easy.
I always thought that lupus is a deadly disease, but with time I have realized that it can be controlled with the help of family's support, motivation, positive attitude, right treatment, yoga and also the motivation by the doctors. With lupus one has to always live in the present and not worry about the future. My struggle with lupus is still on. Everyday is a challenge for me, not that I am enjoying it, but I have accepted it as a part of my life.

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