Neck Excercises

Incorrect posture strains ligaments and muscles of neck and leads to neck pain. Wrong sitting posture, incorrect way of sleeping of lifting weight leads to stiffness and pain in neck. Cervical spondylosis (a disease of wear and tear which affects most people after age of 50 years) can cause neck pain in some people. Disc degeneration in spondylosis can lead to pressure on nerves leading to pain radiating to shoulders, arms or fingers as also tingling and numbness in these areas. All neck pain will usually reduce in a few days and will subside completely within 2-3 months.

Sitting posture must be straight though relaxed. If you have to sit for prolonged periods take a short break every hour. Intermittent exercise for a few minutes or a light massage can significantly reduce neck pain. Use of neck collar is not advisable for minor neck pains as is can weaken neck muscles and delay healing. Spine surgery is usually not indicated in most cases of neck pain.

Neck Exercise

See general instructions about exercise

Sit in any relaxed position with head, neck and back in one line.
1. Relax your neck muscles. Bend your head slowly to the right, bringing your right ear as close as possible to the right shoulder without turning head or lifting the shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds. Come back to original position and repeat on left side. Repeat 10 times. Neck Excercise 1
2. Place your right hand on your right ear while keeping neck straight and press your head on hand without bending your neck. Repeat on left side. Neck Excercise 2
3. Move your head as far back as possible (backward bending). Hold for some time and return back to original position.

4. Move your head forward while exhaling and try to touch your chin to chest (forward bending). Hold for some time and return back to original position.
Neck Excercise 3 & 4
5. Interlock your both hands and keep them on your forehead. Press your head gently on them while keeping your neck straight. Neck Excercise 5
6. Keep your interlocked hands on the back of your head and press your head on them. Neck Excercise 6
7. Turn head to right while exhaling so that the chin is in the line with your shoulder. Hold for some time and come back to original position. Repeat the same exercise on left. Neck Excercise 7
8. Sit in erect position and relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath and lift up both your shoulders as much as you can. Hold for some time and bring them down while exhaling. Neck Excercise 8

Bhujangasan, Niralambasan, Parvatasan, Makarasan and Bramha mudra are some of the asanas that help in reducing neck pain.

Those who have neck pain should not do Shirshasan.

Danger signals in Neck Pain**

  1. Recent severe injury
  2. Increasing pain especially at young age
  3. Nerve compression – tingling, numbness and weakness of upper or lower limbs, loss of control over urination.
  4. Malaise, weight loss, fever

**Consult your doctor at the earliest