Asanas In Supine Position

Many asanas can be performed in a supine position (lying on the back), known as shayanasthiti. Put your feet together with toes directed upwards. Let hands be near thighs with palms flat on the ground. Look straight up.

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Poses in Supine Position 1
Place both legs together. Raise both legs to 90 degrees without bending at knees while inhaling slowly. Hold on to this position and look at your great toe. Do not lift shoulders. Return your legs to the floor slowly while exhaling. This asana can be performed by a single leg, too (Ekpada). More stretch on abdominal muscles can be achieved by raising straight legs to 40-45 degrees.
Poses in Supine Position 2
Raise both legs to 90 degrees while inhaling (Uttanpadasana). While exhaling, fold both your knees and pull them towards your chest. Press your thighs over your abdomen with hands interlocked around your knees. Your calves should touch the back of your thighs. Lift your head and neck and try to place your chin near your knees. Maintain this pose for some time. While exhaling, lower your head to the floor slowly and bring limbs to a resting state. This asana can also be performed with a single leg. You may rotate one leg clockwise while holding the other thigh pressed on your abdomen.
Poses in Supine Position 3
Keep some distance between your legs and fold them at knees to bring heels near buttocks. You may hold your heels with your hands. Raise your waist and back slowly while inhaling. Try to raise your body till your chin touches your chest. Stay in this pose for some time. While exhaling, bring your waist and back down to touch the ground. Straighten your legs and relax.
Poses in Supine Position 4
While inhaling, raise both your legs up to 45 degrees without bending at the knees. Now raise your head and shoulders, lift your arms, and hold your knees with your hands. Trying to touch or hold your toes with your hands leads to more stretch at your back. Relax your hands and contract abdominal muscles to stay in this position for some time. While exhaling, bring your back, head, and legs to the ground and relax.
Poses in Supine Position 5
While inhaling, raise both legs together straight up to 90 degrees as in uttanapadasana. While exhaling, move legs further beyond your head. Support your back with your hands and lift it to bring your legs and back in a straight line at 90 degrees to the floor. Do not lift your head. Maintain chin steady near your chest. Place arms next to buttocks for adequate support. The position will be as if you are standing on your shoulders. Look at your toes and try to maintain a steady balance. Hold on for some time while breathing quietly. Return to the original position while exhaling by bringing legs towards the head, slowly bringing down back to the ground so that legs are at 90 degrees. Bring legs down to the ground and relax.
Poses in Supine Position 6
Keep your right foot on your left thigh near the groin by folding your knee. Place left foot on the right thigh in a similar manner. Try to hold great toe with respective hand. While inhaling, lift your back and shoulders by pressing down elbows. Next, lift your neck to drop your head so that the top of your head touches the ground while your body weight rests on your elbows. Breath quietly and stay in this position (fish-pose) for some time while looking straight forwards. Then, place your head gently on the ground. While exhaling, release your hands and straighten your legs to get back to the original position.
Poses in Supine Position 7
Raise both legs to 90 degrees while inhaling. While exhaling, lift your back to move legs further beyond your head. Do not move your head. Keep your back as straight as possible. Keep your head steady by placing your hands around. Your chin will now touch the front of your chest. Do not bend knees and maintain legs parallel to the ground. You can try straightening your feet and bringing your legs further to touch the floor with your toes. Hold on for some time (plow-pose) with quiet breathing. While inhaling, lift your legs 90 degrees to the ground. Release both hands and bring back legs to the ground slowly.
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