Asanas For Relaxation

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Poses For Relaxation 1
Lie on your belly, bring arms forwards, fold hands at elbows and place them near your head. Keep your forehead on your hands and relax your neck. Spread your legs with soles facing upwards and outwards. Try to touch your entire body to the ground and relax your legs and every other part of your body. Close your eyes with face down towards the floor. Do not strain your muscles and keep on breathing normally in this comfortable position (crocodile pose). Concentrate your mind. Bring legs together, unfold hands and come back to the original position after adequate relaxation.
Poses For Relaxation 2
Lie on your back and spread legs apart with relaxed feet. Place hands a little away from your body with palms facing upward. Keep fingers a bit flexed and spread a little apart. Tilt your head on one side and close your eyes. Breathe normally and focus your attention on your body. Make a deliberate attempt to relax every part of your body from head to toe. Concentrate on breathing while relaxing your entire body. Breathing becomes slower as the body relaxes. A focused mind without any thoughts and a relaxed body without any strain lead to a soothing state of total relaxation (corpse pose). Try not to sleep. Make up your mind to release the asana after adequate relaxation. Open your eyes, straighten your neck, bring your legs together and get back to a sitting position with the help of one hand.
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