Causes of Acquired Myopathies

Acquired muscle diseases are of the following types:

  1. Inflammatory (Myositis = swelling in the bundles of muscle fibers)
  2. Endocrine: Thyroid and other diseases
  3. Metabolic: Kidney disease, protein deficiency, deficiency of vitamin D (Osteomalacia) or vitamin E
  4. Drugs and Toxins: Snake poison, alcohol, pethidine, glucocorticoids, statins and clofibrate (for high cholesterol), chloroquine, colchicine, phenytoin (for epilepsy), zidovudine (for AIDS), vincristine (for cancer), and other drugs
  5. Infections: Bacteria, viruses (HIV), and parasites
  6. Others: Sarcoidosis, cancer, etc.
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