Risedronate induced Uveitis in patient with Paget's disease

A 66-year-old male was suffering from Paget's disease since 1999. He developed a stress fracture of the left thigh bone in January 2006. The patient was referred in May 2006 as fracture healing was not satisfactory. He was administered two intravenous injections of pamidronate and was prescribed risedronate 35 mg weekly later on. Both of these belong to the amino bisphosphonate group of drugs used to treat active Paget's disease. The fractures healed. The patient did not visit a rheumatologist and continued to take risedronate till November 2008.

He developed dimness of vision due to uveitis in July 2008. He received various treatments, including intraocular injections from different ophthalmologists for the same. His vision finally returned to normal five months after withdrawal of risedronate.

These drugs can cause redness and pain in the eye due to conjunctivitis, episcleritis, scleritis, keratitis, uveitis, and other problems. These side effects may occur alone or in combination and lead to loss of vision. Withdrawal of the offending drug leads to restoration of visual problems.

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