Appliances for Arthritis

Various appliances are used for pain relief and proper functioning of joints and to prevent and correct deformities. Though the nature of these appliances varies according to the individual joint, all of them aim at correcting joint alignment. The types and uses of these appliances are described in the following sections. An individualized approach and assessment by an occupational therapist are desirable in each case.

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Appliances For Neck And Low Back

The cervical (neck) collar limits neck movement, allows neck muscles to rest, and avoids extra strain. A collar may be used by patients with cervical spondylosis associated with tingling and

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Lower Extremity Appliances

A knee cap (brace) can relieve pain to some extent in patients with knee arthritis. The knee cap should be of proper size (medium, large, extra-large). A tight knee cap can increase pain and cause

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Upper Extremity Appliances

An elbow brace is used to reduce muscle strain in cases of tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. These conditions are due to muscle strain related to overwork. The brace needs to be sufficiently tight

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