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1. Stand erect with toes and heels together. Hold hands together in namaskar mudra near your chest. Keep neck erect and look straight in front of you. Relax your entire body. Try to maintain a static pose. Continue with gentle breathing. Suryanamaskar 1
2. Inhale and take your hands above your head. Join your palms to take raised arm pose and look upwards. Now bend your trunk backwards while inhaling. Suryanamaskar 2
3. Padahastasan: Bend forwards (as if diving) while exhaling and try to touch floor with your palms (at least fingers). Try to touch bring your knees and forehead as close as possible. Do not bend at knees. Suryanamaskar 3
4. As you inhale, take left leg back and touch left knee to ground. Keep right knee in place and bend backwards to lift up your chin and look up. Suryanamaskar 4
5. Take left leg back while exhale completely, resting only on palms and toes (plank position). Maintain a straight back with body inclined to ground at about 300 and look straight forward. Suryanamaskar 5
6. Ashtang pose: Lower your knees, chest and head one after another in breathe-out condition ( Bahya kumbhaka). Do not move hands and toes. In this position (Sashtanga Namaskar), forehead, chest, palms, knees & feet are the eight organs that will touch ground. The buttocks are raised up. Suryanamaskar 6
7. Inhale, straighten hands to raise the head and trunk making the spine concave upwards (Bhujangasan). Bend your neck back and look up. Suryanamaskar 7
8. Adhomukh Shawasan: Exhale and raise your hips and pull your body backwards by pressing heels on floor. Push head down and press chin on your neck. Make complete arch with soles and palms completely touching the floor. Suryanamaskar 8
9. Inhale and bring left leg in between the two hands. Look up to raise your chin and arch your back concave upwards. Suryanamaskar 9
10. Exhale and bring right foot forwards near left foot. Bend forwards till your hands touch your feet and forehead touches knees. Suryanamaskar 10
11. Come up while inhaling and stretch your hands above your head. Slowly bend backwards from your waist. Suryanamaskar 11
12. Bring hands down. Stand erect with hands together at chest (original pose – namaskar mudra) and relax for a while. Suryanamaskar 12
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