Asanas In Sitting Position

Sit on floor and straighten your legs together in front with feet facing upwards and toes slightly stretched. Maintain neck and back relaxed but straight. Place your palms on your sides without pressing upon them. Keep thumb outstretched while other fingers remain close together. Gaze straight to your front and do not move your body. This position is called as baithak-sthiti (sitting position) of yoga.

See general instructions about yoga practice

1. Padmasana: Place your right foot on your left thigh near groin with help of your hands. Place your left foot in a similar manner on right thigh so that both legs cross each other. Keep your back straight and breathe normally (Lotus-pose).
You may place your hands at the middle of the leg-cross with palms facing upwards and right and left fingers overlapping each other (dnyana-mudra). Hold on for some time and get back to original position be releasing one leg after another. Those who are unable to do this asana may sit with folded legs (siddhasana). Holding right great toe with left hand and left great toe with right hand (hands encircled around back) during this pose is known as baddha-padmasana.
Poses in Sitting Position 1
2. Parvatasana: Sit in any meditative asana (Siddhasan, Padmasan or Vajrasan). Take both hands straight above your head with palms close together (namaskar). Keep your back straight and stretch both hands. Hold on for some time with normal breathing. Get back to original position by relaxing and slowly bringing down hands. Poses in Sitting Position 2
3. Paschimottanasana: Sit in baithak-sthiti. Raise your hands above shoulders and while exhaling bend forwards to hold your great toes with out-stretched hands. Try to touch your knees with your forehead by contracting (pulling in) abdominal muscles. Keep your back straight, do not bend knees and hold on breathing normally. Lift up your head and take back your hands to come back to original position.
Paschimottanasana is similar to pada-hastasana in standing position.
Poses in Sitting Position 3
4. Vakrasana: Fold your right knee and place it vertical so that right foot is near inner side of left knee. Keep right sole flat on ground. Now turn your neck and trunk to right and hold your right great toe with left hand while pressing right knee over chest with left arm. Support yourself with right palm placed flat on ground behind. Turn your neck back as much as possible looking over shoulders , keep spine straight and maintain shoulders in a horizontal plane. Hold on for some time and return back to original position in reverse order. Repeat the same position by turning left. A simpler version of this asana is by turning to left with vertical right knee. Poses in Sitting Position 4
5. Ardhamatsyendrasana: Fold your left leg and hold it by firmly pressing its heel on right buttock. Place your right leg vertical so that its sole lies flat on ground near the outer side of left knee. While exhaling twist your spine and turn to right. Try to hold your right great toe with left hand while pressing your right knee over the chest. Try to turn further to right, get back your right hand encircling you from behind and make an attempt to place your right palm near left thigh. Turn neck to right as much as possible and look back over shoulders. Maintain a straight back and breathe normally. Hold on for some time and while exhaling release your hands, turn your neck and trunk, and get legs to original position. Repeat the same position by turning left. Poses in Sitting Position 5
6. Ushtrasana: Stand on your knees keeping some distance between them and toes relaxed. While inhaling bend slowly backwards at waist, move your hands behind and try to place palms flat on your soles (near heels if not on soles). Push your belly forwards without mush straining. Thighs should be vertical and neck relaxed to fall back. Support your weight on knees and hands. Hold on for some time while breathing normally. Lift your hands one after other and rise to become erect. Lower your body and return to resting position straightening the legs. Poses in Sitting Position 6
7. Ugrasana: Straighten your legs and place them as far apart as you can with toes directed upwards. While exhaling bend forwards slowly from lower back maintaining your spine straight. Hold toes with respective hands without bending knees. Flex neck and bring your head down to touch floor. Hold on for some time breathing normally. Straighten your back while inhaling, release hands and return to original position.
Ugrasana can also be performed in standing position.
Poses in Sitting Position 7
8. Gomukhasana: Bend your left knee and place left heel touching right buttock. Fold right leg over left so that the right heel is near your left buttock. Try to keep right knee above the left. Place left arm behind your back with palm facing backwards. Fold back your right arm over shoulder (see drawing) and try to touch left fingers. Maintain a straight spine and hold on for some time breathing normally. Release your hands and unfold legs to get back to original position. Perform the asana on opposite side. Poses in Sitting Position 8
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