Asanas In Prone Position

Lying on your belly means prone position. Let your abdomen, chest and chin touch floor and look steadily at your front. Place hands near your thighs with fingers touching each other and palms flat on ground. Your feet should also touch each other with toes stretched backwards. Breathe slowly. This pose is called as vipareet shayan-sthiti.

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1. Shalabhasana: Place your fists under your lower belly near groin. While inhaling raise both your legs up together from the waist without bending at knees. Do not lift head – let your chin be touching the floor. Hold on for some time (Locust/grasshopper pose). Bring your legs down slowly while exhaling and return back to original pose. Keeping fists under belly helps raising legs to a higher level. Raising single leg at a time is called as Ardha-shalabhasana. Poses in Prone Position 1
2. Bhujangasana: Place palms flat on floor at level of lower ribs. Stretch out both thumbs while keeping other fingers close together. Bend your hands so that elbows are directed upwards. Keep chin on floor. While inhaling raise your head, neck, shoulders and upper trunk (upto naval) one after other with help of your back muscles. Try to straighten your elbows without exerting much pressure on your hands. Do not strain your hip muscles. Take your neck as far back as possible and hold on for some time (cobra-pose). Come back to original position while exhaling to bring down abdomen, chest and chin sequentially. One can change position of hands as well as angle of elbows (vakra-hasta) to stretch spine at different levels. Poses in Prone Position 2
3. Sarpasana: Lie on your belly with elbows bent and palms flat on floor at the level of lower ribs. While inhaling raise your head, neck, chest and abdomen sequentially upto the level of naval to make a backward curve. Hold on for some time (snake-pose) and while exhaling come back slowly to original position. Poses in Prone Position 3
4. Naukasana: Lie on belly and place out-stretched hands in front of your head with palms touching each other (namaskar) and forehead touching the ground. While inhaling lift up your straightened hands and legs as much as (up to 450) possible. Your shoulders will now be near your ears. Let knees and feet touch each other. Do not bend knees. Hold for some time while balancing your body on your belly. While exhaling return back to original position. Poses in Prone Position 4
5. Marjarasana: Place your palms and knees on floor like a crawling child. Keep some distance between your hands as well as your feet so that your hands are beneath your shoulders and knees beneath hips. Lift up your neck while inhaling and press your lower back down. Hold on for some time, bring neck down and straighten up to original position. Now while exhaling contract your abdominal muscles and raise middle of your back straight up. Curl your head down to make an upward curve (cat-pose). Hold on for some time and return back to original position slowly. One can lift up a straightened hand and opposite leg, without bending at elbow and knee respectively, one after other in this position. Poses in Prone Position 5
6. Dhanurasana: While lying on your belly bend both knees so that your heels reach buttocks. While inhaling bring both of your hands back and hold respective ankles. Now lift up your chest and thighs by pulling with hands. Raise your head too. Your entire body will now be stretched like a bow. Do not bend your elbows. Keeping knees touched together is ideal though difficult. Keep breathing quietly and hold on. While exhaling get your knees, shoulders and chin down to the ground. Release ankles and return to original position. Poses in Prone Position 6
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