Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercises

Elbow pain is usually due to work-related abnormal strain. Most of the muscles moving hand and fingers originate from inner and outer sides of elbow. Wrist, hand and finger exercises thus strengthen elbows too. Arthritis, inflammatory or degenerative, leads to stiffness of joints. Stretching exercises improve range of movements at these joints. Pain at elbow after work can be relieved to some extent with a tightly applied elbow brace.


Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercises


See general instructions about exercise

1. Wrist bend: Keep your outstretched hand straight and steady (support with other hand if required). Bend wrist upwards and downwards as far as possible.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 1
2. Make tight fists and move towards right and left as well as up and down at wrists. Move them clockwise and anticlockwise.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 2
3. Wrist stretch: Hold your right hand straight with palm facing down. Press right hand down with your left hand till you feel a stretch at wrist. Stretch palm up in a similar manner. Do the same with left hand. You can also do this exercise by pressing your palms on a table or wall.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 3
4. Hold a soft ball in your palm and press it with all five fingers.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 4
5. Wrap a rubber band around your fingers. Open out your fingers as much as you can. Repeat same exercise with four fingers excluding thumb.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 5
6. Place your arm pressed over chest. Elbow should be at 900 with palm facing upwards. Turn your hand and palm downwards now. Hold for some time and return to original position.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 6
7. Press all fingers one by one on your thumb. Make a tight fist and open completely. Move each of the three joints in every finger individually.Fig

Exercises with help of weight
You can do all types of exercises with help of a dumbbell, water bottle (1 Liter = 1 Kg. / 2.2 Pounds) or a sand bag. Dumbbells are of different weights. Start with a small weight and increase slowly.

Sit in any relaxed position with head, neck and back in one line.
A. Hold a weight in your hand while keeping your elbow steady. Lift up, hold for some time and come back to original position.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 7 A
B. Hold weight in same manner with palms turned down and lift it up.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 7 B
C. Keep hand steady from elbow to wrist by keeping it on a table. Hold a weight and move hand to right, left and in a circular manner.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 7 C
D. Hold a weight while standing and bring it up by bending at elbow. Hold for some time and bring weight down slowly to straighten hand once again.Elbow, Wrist And Hand Exercise 7 D
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